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Instructor-Led Training
Reskilling, New Hire, and Corporate

Do you have a number of new IT recruits and want to ensure they can be productive quickly? Arkoa's New Hire programs get your people jump-started. Cutting edge technologies and world-class instructors. Hands-on project work and case studies in your environment.

Arkoa is an independent provider of technology transfer programs designed to help organizations adopt and derive immediate benefits from today's leading edge technologies.


Retain valued employees by putting them through re-skilling programs that make them successful in new technology environments. Arkoa can help your staff learn new tools, new platforms, and new practices. We will analyze your requirements and design training alternatives that match your budget. Then we'll deliver successful programs specifically tailored to your business and technical goals.


Give your project team the skills they need to be productive right away. We will put together a fast-paced, focused program to train your IS professionals in the tools and techniques they need to do the job. Arkoa's practical approach and ability to customize training for specific projects will enable you to meet changing needs cost-effectively.


Assimilate new staff rapidly with training that brings them up to speed on your technical environment. Arkoa will work with your organization to identify the set of skills and areas of knowledge required. We are familiar with most business and IS practices, including ISO 9000 quality guidelines.


We can help you set a baseline of core competencies for your staff so they can work together more effectively. We will combine different kinds of training to provide either a single training engagement or an on-going program. Our training will make your staff more effective at the same time as it motivates them.


Get the training you need, when you need it. Arkoa employs a proven methodology to define your training requirements. We review the target architectures and applications, consider the schedule, and evaluate the existing skills inventory. We help you set realistic goals for training all levels of staff. We consider budget and time constraints and identify training alternatives. Arkoa services include seminars, workshops, classroom training, hands-on training, self instruction guides, video, and computer-based training.


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